Learn how to become powerful without being arrogant. Make a positive impact in Asia and around the world by leveraging Japanese strengths. We are committed to increasing the number of this type of Japanese business person.

Enable Japanese people to play an active role in world markets. The time has finally come. Globalization has already made progress: not only in foreign markets, but also in private companies and in regional communities. Accept diverse cultures in your company and learn to enjoy the cultural differences. Whether we like it or not, this is the era in which we live in.


In order to develop business abroad, you must learn how to establish endurable trusting relationships. At HR Institute, we have designed many programs which, through hands-on experience, would enable your employees to overcome challenges and handle global business. We help nurture business persons who are not only confident in themselves, but are also able to deliver better results.

In order to become a talented person able to produce results in a cross-cultural environment, you must strengthen 3 sets of skills: Language skill, Work skill, and Global Mindset.

In order to become a talented person able to produce results in a cross-cultural environment, one must improve 3 sets of skills: a Language skill, which enables communication in English, a Work skill needed to perform job tasks (business skills), and a Global Mindset required to cooperate with people from diverse backgrounds.


Until recently, much emphasis was placed on enhancing the language ability of the global talents. From now, in addition to Language skill, it is essential we enhance Work skill and Global Mindset. HRI’s Global Program aims at strengthening these two skills.


  • Simplish

    Remove the psychological barrier to English communication, and become a confident English speaker

  • Global Mindset Program

    Acquire the necessary perspective and skills to become active on the global stage

  • Business English Skills

    Using English, learn about the business skills necessary to produce better results in a cross-cultural environment

  • Global Leaders Program

    Cultivate future leaders that combine the appropriate mindset and skills needed to produce good results in a cross-cultural environment

  • Global Way

    Creating the mechanism to assimilate the company’s Way into the local subsidiary/overseas branch

  • Cross Cultural Communication / Management

    Learn skills and knowledge to communicate effectively with the pesons from different culture.

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