Corporate Information


We, members of the HR Institute, pledge to continue and offer a valuable contribution to our clients based on the mission of “We choose who we are”. For ourselves, for others, and for human progress.

  • Mikako Inamasu

    Chief Exective Officer Professor, Kenichi Ohmae Graduate School of Business

    Challenging myself in altruism and democratic management

  • Yoshiaki Noguchi


  • Ayaka Someya

    Managing Director

    I have the ability to enable people to think for themselves, share with others, and create value together

  • Ken Misaka

    Managing Director

    Nurturing proactive people

  • Hideki Kunitomo


    Improve myself, create my future

  • Naoshi Kano


    Seeing is believing

  • Ichiro Inagaki

    Director Qualified Internal Auditor

    Responsibility and value creation

  • Jun Sakurabashi


    Be content and fulfill your potential

  • Naoko Ishida


    So many men, so many minds. I aim to support ‘winning with diversity!’

  • Hidenobu Toratani

    Counsultant Fukuoka Branch Manager

    Changing people and businesses’ wishes (Will) into action (Can).

  • Yoko Eguchi


    Light up your corner of the world

  • Yasuhiro Tsukada

    Consultant Career Consultant(National Qualification)

    Constantly grow, even by one millimeter

  • Mika Okamura


    Improving people one by one, improving the workplace as a whole.

  • Eiji Sakai


    Constantly surpass yourself.

  • Yoshikazu Egusa


    We choose who we are

  • Yasuhiro Kawamura

    Alliance Partner Consultant

    Nurturing people who are able to create real value in their work

  • Jang Se Jin

    Chief Exective Officer of HRI Korea

    Learn something new every day

  • Feng Feng

    Alliance Partner Consultant

    From visualizing it to doing it.

  • Katsumasa Nesori

    Alliance Partner Consultant

  • Toshihiro Nakano

    Alliance Partner Consultant

  • Junko Kojima

    Alliance Partner Consultant

  • Ginger Griggs

    Alliance Partner Senior Consultant

  • Tomomi Uchida

    CSR suppporter