Corporate Information

Message from the President

HR Institute’s mission is to nurture individuality. Translated freely into English, our mission is embodied in the phrase ‘We choose who we are’. Our past decisions are the architects of our present. The first two letters of HR Institute stand for Human Resources. We believe that each and every person has untapped resources and infinite potential. As is true for the individual, organizations too have infinite potential. Together, we choose who we are. For more than 20 years, we have witnessed how our programs have enabled the growth of many individuals and organizations. If we were asked what was the most important thing to consider when taking on a new challenge, our answer would be to remain steadfastly focused on the organization’s “rashisa". Various words can be used to express the idea of an organization’s rashisa: style, DNA, ism, or spirit. At HRI, we define rashisa as an organization’s Way, and consider it as the fifth management resource, together with people, things, money, and information. In today’s hyper-connected world, the business environment handles vast amount of information and data in real-time. When aspiring to seize the opportunity of this rapidly changing environment, to expand the range of activities, and to make a valued contribution, Way becomes ever more important. As was proved time and time again, companies whose Way is felt throughout their workplaces practices can harness their employee’s individuality, evolve, and leave their mark on history. But, how exactly to use Way to nurture individuality among the employees, and to open up possibilities? By condensing optimal solutions into our training programs, we have trained more than 15,000 people every year. In addition to Japan, we have opened bases in Vietnam, Korea and Shanghai. Valuing the unique characteristics of each country, we plan on further expanding our foothold in Asia. Finally, we at HR Institute take on a new challenge as we aim to strengthen our Way. From its outset, HR Institute was a “Social company” that combines business with social contribution. In addition to building schools and providing scholarship programs in Africa and Asia, we have supported relief efforts in Tohoku, Japan. We aim to further contribute to a peaceful society by creating employment opportunities and improving the well-being of people. Together with local communities, we will walk towards this vision. For ourselves and for others. We continue to take up this challenge, by remaining grateful for what we have achieved, and for a future full of hope.