Corporate Information

Mission Vision


We choose who we are For ourselves, and for others. Changing society by nurturing the potential of individuals, teams, and organizations. That is our mission.


At HR Institute, we consider Human Resources (HR) to be the starting point of everything. By nurturing the individuality of business persons, we enable companies to tap into this indispensable source of vitality. The development of various programs and content, and the designing of practices are therefore geared toward the creation of value with knowledge, which enable business persons to grow.
We hope that by sharing business know-how/do-how through our programs and publications, we would help as many people as possible to take joint ownership of this know-how/do-how and to put it into practice. In addition to nurturing individuality in the business world, we aim to nurture the individuality of children, students, parents, school-teachers, women, and administrative workers. With a renewed sense of individuality among both the business community and the community as a whole, we aim to form a dynamic new society.